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Snacks Forming Machine

Name: crawler-Type automatic snack food forming machine

Main Machine :3700 * 1360 * 900mm

Conveyor belt 3000 * 1060 * 920mm

Voltage : 380v 50hz 3 phase 

Power : 3.54kw
Capacity: 150-200KG/H
Compared with the traditional food forming machine, this snack moulding machine is mechanical soft pressure 
to forming,good than rotate forming machine and Pneumatic type.
1)Energy-Saving ;
2)Cereal bar molding machine has the advantages of large yield and good maintenance;
3) Whole machine is mechanical transmission,No need  air compressor and can accurate positioning.
4)Mechanical soft pressure, no damage to kernel particles, more beautiful molding;  
5)Direct compression molding, no rework cost and loss on waste material.
6)In the self-cooling transportation parts, the length can be changed as required, or add cooling fan
    as need to improve the cooling effect.
7)Suit to differ kinds of food like rice candy,peanut candy, melon seed candy etc.
    It Can produce differ shape such as round,cylinders, squares, ellipses, triangles, plum blossom shapes,
    hearts and other shapes.
Cereal Bar Molding Machine can be used for producing all kinds
of cereal bars and sticks.
The product shape with round, cylindrical, square, semi round,
 triangular and blossom by changing the molds.
Mechanical pressing & rubbing, does not hurt materials, without waste. 
Machine video coming soon ..........
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